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Benefits offers theme park CG maps  in 3D with a high level of details never seen before, compared to traditiona drawing l techniques. Here are some advantages :

Animated park map

All our plans are ready to be 3D animated .
The 3D animation technique allows a fluidity and precision of attractions'  movement unequaled by other techniques.
3D animation gives life to a multitude of detail: roller coaster, wood coaster, water shows, animals, visitors,... works with developpers on interactive park map or virtual overviews using Flash or HTML5 technology

3D Animation Park Map

High Level of details

High level of details

3D tools allows a very faithful reproduction of each attraction's details. is very respectful of designers' work and tries to reproduce  the atmosphere (look& feel) for each park.
Despite this high level of detail , also pays close attention to the general adaptation of the plan.

High level of details

High resolution

3D illustration maps are supplied in very large resolutions (10 000 X 7500 pixels eq. 75M camera) that can be printed on every media, such as orientationboards inside the park.

Easy & Quick to update

3D Technology allows to move / add / delete coasters or other maps elements without any alteration, because the whole illustration is rendered with all changes.
For example, seasonal variation (Halloween, Christmas, summer & winter version) , which are quick to produce, and are more than just color changes.

High level of details

Seasonal variation


3D Style look & feel

the 3D rendering provides a modern & contemporary look for park mapand respects the identity of each environment. does not only offer a realistic render for park, like architectutral picture, but also adapt the look & feel of the park in 3D, by focusing on identifiable and recognizable details.
parkmap3d offers a special and original work on identifiable elements of a universe,  specially on 3D characters and still respect the original design!

         Asterix          Plopsa King           Vicky the Vicking



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